veel te weinig voor weinig

€7,99 voor 3 kleine zakjes van 75gr. elke. kortom €7,99 voor 225 gr.omgerekend €35,11 per kg. veel te duur!

Great as a cleanser

I took one of those sticks out to keep our 15weeks old border collie busy in a cafe. The dry (and later moist) rice left mess all over the carpet. But dog was content and quiet, so I was content as well. Later that night he woke me up and started vomiting with everything he had in hist stomach. After cleaning up, we all went back to sleep. But not for long, after few minutes dog run out of his crate (I left the dog open) towards the exit dors, and took the biggest, wettest and smelliest poo in his entire short life. After long considerations, dog decided to give only one star.

Prijzen in € incl. BTW * Leveringsvoorwaarden.

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